On the 3rd May after our classmates Private view in the Hat factory I went down to the main campus reception where one group of the Fine Art students had their private view.
From all their work, the one that most interested me was Dawn Adam’s. It was part of fake buildings with broken windows and greens growing on them. As a person who likes to build stuff it was very interesting to see. The other peoples work I did not understand much, but what I felt when looking at them was a sense of anger coming from the work.


After that went by the Salvation Army where the other Fine Art group was. In my opinion their work was better in terms of the way it was made. The previous group looked more like POP art, made fast and easy. These ones obviously have taken much much longer to produce and I was baffled.

Kirsten Rose’s ‘Every Line Tells a Story’ and Alison Colver’s ‘Rosetta Rose’ where the two that really struck me of what people can produce with their hands, especially Colver’s rose, it had so much detail on it and fine work, shadows, etc.


Lauren Bennett’s work didn’t caught my attention with its content, but rather how it was made. She had used the Screen Print to print out her images and it looked interesting and works very well with black and white images, because it gave the image a sort of a grain, which replicated film.


I didn’t have an image from the actual work on the wall so I have to use her leaflet

Overall very nice work.


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