A platform with 400 million users worldwide Instagram is one of the best known image and video sharing social media on the internet. I will be looking at it from the perspective of a photographer.

Instagram is a good mean of getting your work seen by many people through the use of hashtagging and captions. People that look for a specific tag would eventually see your work and having multiple tags ( up to 30 ) means more people will see your images. Many businesses are using Instagram to promote their work because of the simplicity of the media. Other uses I’ve seen is promoting a blog through Instagram.
Some accounts are specifically made to promote other people’s work, by them putting a tag on their image and then that image is reposted to the promotional account to allow more people to see other people’s work and if they are interested the account of the photographer is linked in the description so whoever likes the work can follow the photographer.

People like  Pete Ashton have used Instagram for other things. Ashton has done an experiment to see what happens if an image is re-uploaded many times on Instagram, which has an inbuilt compression. He did this ninety times and the result are definitely interesting. The colours from the image were gone and began looking more like a sketch. Around the 70th  upload the person in the image began disappearing into the shapes that were being rendered.


Photographer who also have YouTube channels also use Instagram to tell people that their video has been uploaded and ready to be watched by uploading and small clip from the video and a screenshot. Or if they have been testing something like a new camera and so on, they upload the images on there.

Just like YouTube  Instagram can be used for so many different applications.


How to Market Your Photography Using Instagram



Many photographer whether professional or amateur have created a Facebook page for their photography work.
Facebook has around 1.5 billion users and it would be silly not to have a page where many many people would be able to see your work.

For promoting yourself on Facebook , just like on LinkedIn, putting keywords helps people find you easier. Whenever someone looks something up on Google (ex: Portrait Photographer Brooklyn) and your page already has built up and audience you might come up in the first pages of the search.
Though Facebook has some terms and conditions for business pages which can impact on how many people see your content.

Every media has pluses and minuses.


Flickr & 500px

Two respectively known image sharing websites.
Flickr is being used by everyone, even non-photographers, because of how easy it is to upload on there. On the other hand more experienced photographers prefer using 500px to show off their work. 500px also has competitions.
These two websites have very low (if any) image compression which makes them very good to be used as a portfolio. 500px has an inbuilt portfolio creator, which is even better.
Flickr and 500px have groups which photographers can join and upload their images there for more people to see.
Both websites have users from all around the world who upload daily.



Pinterest is an amazing tool for people who are looking for inspiration. Like the other sites this one also works with tags and also gives you more suggested tags to create your search more specific.
You can also look for specific peoples work and typing their name works most of the time, plus the pint can transfer you the artists website if the pinner has linked it.
Pinterest is not perfect, but has so much to offer that makes it another good tool.
Also like the other websites Pinterest has people from every point the world where you have internet access.




These medias are bringing people’s work and people together. Sharing images, video and information in general is becoming easier and easier.




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