If you ask any YouTuber their opinion  on this matter, probably most of them would tell you that to be a YouTube creator thinking about the money even if you don’t like doing what you are doing would get you nowhere.
By saying this, your hobby should be your work. The very trendy gaming channels for instance. People run these channels because they like playing games and YouTube gives them something more to do. Though many, especially ones with many followers and have been producing content to years seem to be forcing themselves to continue because of their incomes. Their videos have changed from what they have used to be. Play only trending games even though they might not like them. Some get other people to edit their videos to no have to bother.
Other channels like Vsauce(1,2,3), Veritasium, Nerdist and so on, create content because they want to teach people and they do it so it’s  interesting to watch. Science can be boring, but if your video in edited well, has cool graphics, that grabs the viewer. For the people from these type of channels YouTube is a hobby. They have a job in their own fields outside the internet.

Or something completely different. Woodworking videos. Those people have woodworking as a hobby and a job, but YouTube is like a secondary hobby to teach people the craft, get and extra income if their channel is big enough and have something extra to do in their free time.

Someone that I have been following for the past few months is the video director, movie maker and owner of Beme Casey Neistat (www.youtube.com/user/caseyneistat). He currently does daily vlogs, his daily life, his work, tries to teach people how to become more successful through his life experiences. He says that as a a movie maker YouTube keeps him going. He puts a lot of work into his videos, trying to be as creative as possible. Through YouTube he as a figure has become more known. Before that he has had series on HBO with his brother and many of his video editing ideas come from there. Big companies have him direct adverts for them. Casey himself says that YouTube is not his job, even though it feels like one and does bring him enough income to be one. He has enough money from everything else he does outside YouTube, including his own company.

Musicians use YouTube as means of gaining popularity or if they are already a well known producer have their work seen by more people, due to the amount of people on the internet rather than on television ,which I have written about in my previous blog post, plus the income that comes from the views generated.

In the case of Justin Bieber for instance, he had began uploading videos of him doing covers of songs and posting them to YouTube as a hobby. Soon enough a producer discovered him and we know the rest.

YouTube is great for everything. It is a powerful tool that everyone in the world can use, but not everyone will be good enough with it to get the chance to become something big.

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Becoming A Well-Paid YouTube Creator Is Almost Impossible

And many other videos of people on YouTube talking on the matter.


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