9r.s.I will start off with the group. Overall a very good team. Kept it professional at all time with a few exceptions and minor problems at some points. I can’t say that one has done less work than others, we tried to make it so everyone was putting enough effort into the group, even though from afar and passively. A few task which were assigned to that person were not carried out by that person, which did affect the group in the long run.

For the actual exhibition (the week), it went pretty well. Some days stronger than others. Had plenty of people come by, even though one third of the invited had not shown up at all.

The Private view was also a success in our group opinion. We think it went very well for a first proper exhibition.

The small problems I mentioned above would be stuff like the poster for example. That really had an impact on the publicity and had people very confused. After this project I know that after all these things a certain person can not be trusted with some responsibilities.

If we were to do this again, I would definitely  like to have a slightly bigger space and a one that does not have people doing stuff in the exhibition space during the period that it is going for. We had a group of people playing card and board games in there after who we needed to clean again, because here was food and plastic wraps on the floor.

Printing and framing would also have to be different. Using spray mount resulted in many problems for the work, like some of the glue getting on the actual image, bubbles under the image, etc.


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