Globalization is the economic, social and cultural connectivity with people in all parts of the world.It also reefrs to the growth in flows of trade and financial capital across borders.

Big companies create branches around the world to provide people with their products like food, clothes, electronics, etc. They provide the people there with jobs. An example would of course McDonald’s as when people think of a massive company this comes in their minds. They provide jobs to many people and having multiple shops in one city supports it. Though with other chains of let’s say supermarkets, they tend to crush the business of smaller shops around them resulting in those people losing their jobs.

The country that is having the biggest influence is America. They are one of the biggest producers of movies, television series, they have given the world the above stated McDonalds, all the Apple products people are using around the world, Starbucks coffee, soft drinks, social media, etc.


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