For the Private view we were supposed to have beer/ale from a local brewery, but they got in contact too late to set up an arrangement for a sponsorship. Me an Stavros took a walk one day to ASDA and while there we checked the prices of the wine and beer, but we asked a friend of ours third year animation, that works at a warehouse to get us the stuff from there, because he said he has a per cent off for being an employee and also he could bring us the stuff with his car, which was very nice of him. We also picked up crisps from there.

On the day of the private on the way there I bought shot glasses to put the nuts we had in so it was the same amount for everyone and people don’t have to put their hands in bowls ( hygiene reasons ). I also got a pack of small plastic cups for the wine. Stavros got ice to put the beer bottles in to keep them cold. Aneta brought some biscuits, table cloth, paper plates and napkins.

Stavros brought a bluetooth speaker on which I put some calm music for a background.

Quite a lot of people showed up to the Private view, though many that were invited did not show up.
I had a talk with some of the people that came. I received a lot of good comments on the Cut Up project as a strong piece with a lot of meaning behind it. I was given some advice from one person on how it could be improved without changing anything, just playing with scale, which was very interesting to hear. As for the Performative Portrait had many mixed comments, but mainly positive laughs which was one of the goals of the piece, so on that note it succeeded. The way the works were shown on the wall I had a contrast between the comedic portrait and the more serious collage.

For a first exhibition I would way it went very well. Plenty people came. Satisfied people. We received  many comments regarding the place, how good it looked. A few pages of our comment book got filled.



Images by Ana Elisa


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