I wanted to print my stuff on the printers in the university, but they were out of ink, so I went to our trusty backup Bayliss Wright. Their quality was very slightly lower, but the price was acceptable.

I decided to for the exhibition to go with two projects. One being Performative Portraits, which is the one we decided to go as a group so it is more of a theme. But I also included my Cut Up, because for me that is the stronger one. Many of the visitors did comment on it being a strong piece.

Picked up spray mount and foam board from Ryman. We met up in Uni to start cutting the foam board into A3 size sheets and then glue the images on top.

I was not very happy with the result the spray mount provided. There was wind outside so the coating of the foam board was not perfect, there were bubble in some places on the images from too much glue or no glue at all. It was still good.

For our nameplates we did a simple print of our name, the works name and description (if any), then stuck again with spray mount on foam board and then cut at a 45 degree angle to give it a sort of a 3D effect.

The images had two pieces of velcro tape on the top two corners and a piece of blu tac on the bottom. That seemed more than enough to keep them in place, which it did. And the nameplates were stuck only by blu tac since they are very light and don’t need much to hold them.


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