Before the Easter break we decided to have a quick studio session for a group photo. Stavros did not attend, but we still took some images so it is not all for nothing. There was no time for another shoot before the Easter so I told the rest when we come back we will shoot then. I was told they ( Connor & Aneta ) will try out the risograph to see how would the print look. When we came back after the break the posters were printed without us
( Me & Stavros)  even knowing. I suggested to Photoshop  Stavros into the poster, even took an image of him, ready to be added. Nothing happened. There were not even that many posters printed in the first place.

The leaflets and the posters had a few wrong hours stated on them, because after they were printed Caroline contacted us that there will be other events happening in Flamingo Arts at those hours. It was too late to print new Private view invitations, but that still does not excuse the posters not being changed or at least printed in bigger numbers.
Stavros set up a Facebook event to invite many friend. Friends of friends, etc.



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