To kick-start our drawing skillset we had to do some perspective drawing and shading. We were given an example to replicate of a box and a cylinder from different angles. On both sides of the page we put two dots. This is called two point perspective. The edges of the objects align with the dots. After shaping the objects came time to begin shading. Light had to be coming from one of the points. The cylinder  was a bit more tricky to do, for me at least.
The second task we had that class was to draw a couple of objects on one of the tables in the room using the window as our light source.

Next off was to time to learn some textures/patterns and come up with some on our own. We had some seashells, clams, weed boxes to copy the texture/pattern of. And another shading exercise. I chose to do something a bit more complex. A sheep skull. There were a lot of details on it. Took me quite a while to get to where is got.

Texture and shading

Third class was names “Imaginary landscape”.
We had to come up with a landscape that includes a place of living. My image has a small house with a dock near a coast in the sea framed by two cliffs with a dead tree on one of them. Using a rubber I added a flare on the side of the house, which came from my photography experience. I thought that there had to be one. I also rubbed around the edge of the cliffs to create contour highlights of the setting sun.

Imaginary landscape

Last to classes were all about people. First one was drawing the skeleton or in our case just a stickman figure. We put painters tape all around our body in straight line fashion to show where the bones in the arms, legs, spine are. Then we were separated in two groups. First one group was drawing the other one while in a pose of their choice, then the roles were switched. This too one minute each.Everyone one minute we switch poses. The second part of the exercise was drawing a person fully for a slightly longer period of time.
And to finish off this skillset we had to do eight second long portraits without looking at the paper. Not used to this technique ended in epic results. It was a good exercise, because I am used to taking my time with the things I am making and have to learn to work a bit quicker.
Lastly we were given frames with a cross made from string to put on our faces and the other person doing a portrait of us trying to keep the proportions correct. From this exercise I learned that I need t learn how to properly draw eyes.

Overall this skillset was very useful in terms of us being photography students and light and shadows are everywhere in out work.


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