Cut up :

The idea I presented with the ocd patterns was a complete failure in terms of lacking conceptual ideas to support it and the comments on it was that it looks like something that  one would find on Facebook posts, which I would agree on after I’ve heard that. At the moment of making them it had not crossed my mind that they might be, thought I did know that they are too simple to be considered anything serious.

Performative portrait:

The quality of the images was  not commented on. The previous feedback for the use of the studio was acknowledged and the studio was used , which helped with good quality of the images, but the new feedback was that the concept was not there and the little story provided by the three images is simply not enough and going back to the first idea with the d.i.y. sports costume would have been better. I  was very happy with the outcome of these, but I agree with the feedback.


There were mixed feelings about it. Only one person was very confused by it, because he/she was expecting  to see something completely different to what was presented. Everyone else found it very interesting and accurate to what it was intended to be. The tutors feedback was positive, though parts of the video should be changed and more content added to round up the concept. Overall from all the projects the video was the one that received the most good comments and made most sense to those that saw it.


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