While discussing the Performative portrait characters we had the biggest suggestion I received  was to do a shoot in the studio. But I didn’t want to go back to the old hockey costume, one, because I don’t have a lot of the props I had, second, because I am not a sports fan and did not feel motivated to pursue that character.

Recently I’ve been thinking of what character I could come up with to do a shoot on. Nothing was coming to my mind, until two days ago,  I shaved everything except my moustache and a little patch of hair under the lower lip.
That when it hit me to dress up as frenchman. I have done a mistake, so at least I should take advantage of it. This character also finally got me to go out and buy new clothes. I went to Primark and dressed myself as a frenchman with the striped shirt.

In the beginning I had a thought of a French ninja, using his baguettes as weapons, maybe even making one of them into nunchucks. But I’m not sure how I felt about that.

What I intend on doing with this character is to have a series of image of him, like a story, starting with him holding a glass of wine on eye level, with a smile, etc.
On the next image some cheese, maybe. The baguettes, after which he notices a person watching him ( the camera ), a sort of spying or just staring from a distance which makes the character mad and he throws one of his baguettes at the him.



On the previous character I was thinking on setting myself a budget for making the costume, but for this one since everything I will be using is for personal use afterwards, like the clothes, or being eaten and drank later the same day. So a budget would not have been necessary.

Megan from Y3 Photography, agreed on lending me her beret, for which I am very thankful, because that would have been the only thing I would not be using after the shoot is done.

2016-02-22 12.16.22

Without the hat and scarf, and no props.


These are the three final images. I received some help from Stavros and later on from Connor with the shooting.


This is the order I want to be displayed in the exhibition. They will be individually framed and presented as a triptych.


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