My inspiration to do this was seeing many people struggling to understand to to remember what has been shown and thought to them in terms of the basics how a camera works. The most asked questions were about aperture and iso. I can understand why this was happening, because when someone is explaining, it’s only verbal, there are no visuals to show how a particular thing affect other thing (ex: aperture affects exposure and dof).




Three point basic is a three to four minute long stop-motion animation on the three basics of photography .Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO (ASA).


I with the help of a few animation students would like to create something that would benefit people who have a hard time understanding or remembering certain subjects by making it visually appealing and easy to understand.


The video will provide visuals of how each of the components mentioned above affect the image you are trying to produce. Depth of field, Motion blur and Noise (Grain).


The video will be shot using a green screen, which would then allow for the visuals pointing out the functions, positioning on the camera and examples of the effects the three things do. For the sheer reason of explanation purposes we will be using a film camera for aesthetics. The video include a voice over that will be talking with the events happening on screen to again help the viewer understand the subject better. The animation will be shot on Dragonframe (animation software) and later on edited in Adobe After Effects where pointers, gradients and blurs will added.

I am very excited for this video, because I know it will be helping people and also for me exploring the media of animation making.



The will be a particular script the person doing the voiceover would be following. The text would be picked from different sources to assure simplicity, to make it easier for the viewer to understand and remember.

The examples in the video would either be personal photos or found online.

The next couple of days my task is to go through multiple online tutorials, compile the script, do more sketches on how the video should look.

Until now the biggest obstacle has been the work hours of the friend that is helping me with the animation.


quick sketch

 Tutorial – 18/2/2016

I got introduced to Anne Haaning. And one of her videos called “Attention a tension excerpt”. I did not understand what the video was trying to say, or any of her other ones for that matter, but to me it looked like someone mocking tutorials online or someone trying to make his own one without fully understanding the subject.

So that gave me the idea to do something similar. Rather than making a tutorial to help people to understand things easier, make it even worse by cutting parts of the video out or replacing the footage in some places with things that are not connected to it. As for the voice over, the person will be stuttering, Not being able to explain properly.

A big note I received was that the tutorial idea was focused more on visuals,etc. So it was lacking conceptuality. So striping down everything and going with something more minimal would be the better choice. The voice is what was agreed to be one of the more important parts in the video, being the interaction with the viewer.

2016-02-20 22.02.54




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