_____________ is a 3 minute long live action stop-motion animation exploring the life of a foreign student in the United Kingdom.


I plan to create three one-minute long clips showcasing the life of a student throughout his three years of university. The events will be shot in various locations in Luton in the period of two weeks.


The protagonist is a Russian immigrant who has moved to the UK to study and find a job. The story begins from the first months of the first year of university, the character is happy of being in a new location, meeting new people. The scenes are bright and vibrant. Moving into his second year, problems begin to occur. Life is not as easy as it has been in the year prior. Time is insufficient and flows swiftly. The thought of his deadlines startles him. Looking for a job results in declines. In his third year the struggles have become greater.


The equipment prepared is a DSLR camera with one fixed focal length lens for general shots and one wide angle lens for close shots of the subject with the objects he is interacting with in smaller spaces. Softwares include Dragonframe, Photoshop and After Effects. I also have a technical assistant (Alex Sepel), who is familiar with the process of animation and will also be the main protagonist in the animation.


Simply good enough of an idea. Too mundane of a task. Not interesting due to being too cliche. Still no concept.


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