_________   is a ___ minute long live action stop-motion animation exploring the surreal fantasies of a university student in the United Kingdom.


I plan to create clips addressing these fantasies throughout the length of a day, from morning until dusk.


The main character is an ordinary student with the exception of him being  lazy. He wishes he can achieve everything in his life just by snapping his fingers at things and they would just happen. Self-stocking fridge, self-making breakfast. Cleaning the dishes, folding clothes, etc. All these task performed by a simple snap. Everything seems to be going incredibly well for the fellow, but his fantasies seem to be too good.


The equipment prepared is DLSR camera with a wide to telephoto lens with a constant aperture lens to assure a good quality outcome. The software that would be used to capture the stop-motion is Dragonframe. For editing the footage I will be using Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop. I also have a technical assistant, Alex Sepel, who is very well familiar with the process of animation.


The reason for using stop-motion over conventional video capture is to create the illusion that objects are alive for instance.


I am very excited for this project, because I am interested in working with animation, as it is something new to me and I would learn a lot during the process of making it.





Tests to demonstrate what is the basic idea behind the character.

– Not convincing.


I still haven’t thought of a name for this project, but I think it will come along as I’m doing it.

Cliche again. People were confused.
Lack of inspiration to continue on with this idea. Not enough to finish this project with the current concept.

Until now all the feedback I have received has made me more confused than I have been. Some of the things said in class have been useful, but others not so much and generally confusing.



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