After the first portrait idea with the hockey suit did not go as well due to me failing to make my character believable to the audience, I scraped it and started from the beginning,  distancing myself from all sport, because I have nothing to do with them, never been good at them, don’t watch them or anything of this sort.

So I started asking myself. How do I feel inside? What do I want to express which is not so apparent when people are around me or when we talk to each other.

The new shoot is me standing between home and family, and on the other side immigration and work. At point of my life I am unsettled. Do I stay home with the people I love and well known surroundings, or leave all that behind just to make more money to create this illusion of a happier life. I am trying to avoid the cliche question “does money buy happiness?”, because everyone knows having money to buy items does in fact bring joy to everyone, but is not the deciding factor of life’s happiness should be measured. Cultural observations clearly show that people with less money, while having a harder time are more happy with they have, rather than people with more.

This is my dilemma. Family or work.
I don’t include educations of reasons I am not going to be talking about, so I am sticking with the problem above.

My friend Stavros helped me out with the shoot, just like I helped with his. I tried a different positioning of the hands and the objects on the table to see what would look the best. The one where I am holding my head, because of the shadows created by the strobes makes it look like I am crying, which is not something I was going for. The hands in front my the mouth give exactly the “thinking” look I am looking for. What was left to decide was where to put the items. Diagonal to me, parallel to me, close, further, on which side should each go. Having the the family left and both closer to me looked better in my opinion.

Studio Session-015

This is my final image.



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