1.Why do you want to embark on this particular project?

This video project is will try to make the viewer experience what a day in the life of an average university student looks like with a few additions. The video will technically explore both photography and video, as well as stop motion animations. The subject will perform everyday tasks like making breakfast, walking to university and on between these actions some other engagements will be performed.

2.If your work is an experiment, what are you trying to find out?

As a learner artist I like to explore different mediums and how they can be incorporated into my own work and in my opinion stop motion and animation would work well for me, because of how similar the outcomes of both video and animation are, regarding perception of moving image.

Both disciplines benefit from visual idea drafting (storyboard), as a  better way of understanding the objective of the piece, where  Illustrations skills come into play, another form I like to work with in my own time which has not been yet used in video or photography  work.

3.How do you visualise you thinking – do you use drawing to test out or record visual possibilities?

As stated above, storyboards are an excellent way of visualising what the project is expected to look like in the most basic form. Having a visual representation of the situations is preferred by me because I have a better understating of the scene, rather than reading through a script.

2015-12-10 00.08.26

Lack of concept. No good story line. Too mundane. Don’t shoot in student accommodation.

Rework story. Add more concept to the video.


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