This has been the longest and most toughest week of my recent life, so many things were going on the same time I could not concentrate properly to do things how I have imagined me doing them in the beginning. The video took a completely different turn from what were my first intentions and thoughts. It turned more into a parody video which I couldn’t even finish because of the short time I had to work on it. During the weekend I lost one day from the week I had, because I had visit from a relative who I have not seen in about 7 or 9 8 months, so most of my attention was aimed at him. Up until now I have about 24 seconds of footage, 5 of which took me a whole day make. Even though this video doesn’t meet the requirement of the brief in terms of length, I had fun making it and definitely learned a lot on how to use Adobe Premiere Pro in the process. Another thing which slightly annoyed me over the weekend was getting in touch with people from the class. Even though I emailed everyone, only a couple have responded to me which resulted in the poster for our show tomorrow night to look incomplete. I do not think that in the future I would volunteer to do anything  like this for them again. If they don’t want to cooperate, that is their choice.

Here is the most recent version of the video:

And the poster for the show:
The Voice poster


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