So far I’ve come up with 15 second footage of the new video and I kinda like it. Can’t say I’m super happy with it, because the script isn’t as I intended it to be, I can’t seem to find the exact thing I have in my mind ,them saying. At least I have a theme going on right now, I started focusing on one person more instead of a bunch, because it makes it a bit easier on me to go through multiple videos, because I am not going from channel to channel. Also I thought of a name for my video. Since the person’s channel that I am working with is “PointlessBlog” I thought of entitling my video “PointlessVideo”. The things that the video would probably be talking about is exactly what the title suggests, random things with no particular meaning. The idea of the marketing scheme with the sponsors and product placement in YouTube videos is a long shot for this little time I have.

Here is what I have done until now.


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