After my talk with Jasmine on Thursday (26.11.15) I was slightly more relaxed, because my first idea was not going anywhere. We sat down and talked through things I like, things I am currently interested in, which is YouTube, I am on there for at least 5-6 hours a day. We started looking into channels of people that do various internet challenges, vlog about their daily lives, etc. Some, mainly female youtubers do make-up tutorials and companies pay these women to say how nice their product is and to get their millions of people fan base to buy those products. I have to say that is a very good tactic, considering less people, including me, watch television and instead are on the internet. The amount of people you can reach through social media is just mind blowing. Another thing we discussed  was the fake projection of the “perfect life” of those people, who on camera look like life can’t better, though in reality life is still life and that s**t ain’t easy. Them making millions from their videos does not necessarily mean they have the “perfect life”. Which brings me to my new video idea which is inspired by Omer Fast’s “CNN Concatenated”, which is pieces of news footage cut up and stitched together to make “good news”. The problem is he had over an year to collect his footage and I have less than a week. Sitting down all day today looking through around 40 different videos to find something useful to use resulted in a small fail. No one would talk about his work with the sponsors so very essential key words are missing, which led me to trying to make the video more humoristic, rather than being this very serious piece of fake cyber speech. This is where I started getting nervous again, having so little time to do such a big thing, while also having three more projects running at the same time and I am not sure if I will be able to finish my video. I will do my best though.
The people I am currently looking into are (mentioned as YouTube channel names) Zoella, Pointlessblog, ThatcherJoe, Marcus Butler and a few more. I am looking at them mainly because they are almost one whole. Zoella and Pointlessblog being girlfriend and boyfriend, Joe is Zoella’s brother, and Marcus is always hanging around in most of their videos. The problem I am facing with them is that they are all British  and they talk very fast, so cutting individual words does not work, so I’ve gone for phrases which makes it harder to find them saying what you want them to say.


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