My video idea was to take an old memory of mine from back in highschool.  I used to hate some lessons more than others, not because of the subject being explored, but because of how the tutor was speaking and engaged with the students. The classes I am referring to are physics and biology. Both tutors had a similar style of talking, very monotone, slow and flat out boring.They had no engagement with the class, all they did was come in, talk about what the new lesson was about the leave. Our physics teacher most of the time was talking with his eyes closed and from time to time had big pauses in his speeches which made it look like he was making himself bored and falling asleep. The biology teacher was looking at the ceiling 80 percent of the time, combined with the voice made it a very boring experience.

So my video is composed out of a physics class recording from YouTube as the sound and different cuts of videos which I have made or taken from the internet. In the beginning is me being sleepy because of the slow and monotone voice of the teacher which leads me to falling asleep. Then there is a cut of a video showing that everyone is recharging their batteries ( coffee, etc … ) and then the rest of the lesson is more lively, the tutor speaks faster with more emotions, making the subject more interesting.  What I am trying to show is as stated above how the voice can alter the way your voice affects the audience.



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