My first idea with the clown puppet was not really well taken by the rest of my classmates and I am guessing the tutor as well, because the reaction was very strange so I quickly went to idea 2 which was the d.i.y. hockey sports costume made by a kid and that was taken a bit better. Some were interested to see what would come out in the end, others felt unsure about seeing a grown man dressing up as kid. But knowing what comes later in the year I would rather have fun doing this than something more serious which would make me more stressed out.

After finishing with making the costume and doing the shoot, when I looked at them I was not happy at all. One of the problems was that I had someone else helping me with the shoot and they kind of took the whole composing part in their own hands, so the shots did not come out the way I imagined them. The other problem was there wasn’t much in the frame to tell the viewers that he is looking at a kid dressed up in a d.i.y. costume, which unfortunately enough came out looking a bit too good than originally expected.


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