The video I have chosen is from a 15 y-o Canadian girl Amanda Todd who in 2012 committed suicide because of constant internet blackmailing and harassment. Everything has started from a webcam site (ex. Chatroulette) when strangers have asked her to flash her breasts for them and from that moment her life changed. She started being harassed on Facebook that if she doesn’t do a particular task the image of the breasts would appear all over Facebook, which did happen. She changed schools, lost all her friends and tried to start from the beginning. The harassment continued, she moved schools again, lost all of the new friends, started cutting herself, avoiding people and in the end drank bleach. The first time she did it she was rushed to the hospital and cleaned, but the following attempt was successful.

In the video she was using flashcards to tell her story, which is fairly common way of sharing anything on the internet nowadays. I’m guessing she used cards and not her actual voice is because if she was talking she would be stuttering a bit, because what she was talking about is very emotional, plus she is committing suicide shortly after the video is made. What was interesting to me was while I was reading the text I didn’t hear my voice, which is the case most of the time, but heard a girl’s voice.

What I love about this video is that even though her live is a complete misery, she started the recording with a smile. And also because it shows how ugly our society is provoking things like this to happen to young children. I did not pick this video in specific because of the political aspect of bullying behind social media, but rather just for the use of the cards to express feelings in a muted way. As I have stated above, the girl has gone through a lot of thing and talking directly to a camera  would not have been easy for her.


Gillian Wearing in the 1990’s had people of the public hold up signs with personal messages written on them which has a good visual “shock” to see some of the people who were dressed nicely and look like their lives could not be better with a sign saying how bad they are feeling.


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