While doing my research on hockey I went deeper into the matter and saw what the game is all about.
If we forget about the whole ice-skating and goal scoring, the game is very brutal in the direct sense of the word. Some players named “goons” or “tough guys” are there to get into fights and intentionally provoke players from the other team. Taking the attention away from the person that has the puck results in easier goals.
Turns out that fighting is permitted by the game’s rules, but only to an extent. There is a line after which you get penalised by a fee or even suspended from and game or even and whole season. Trainers say that fighting is what keeps the people interested, even more interested in watching the fight more than the actual game. But this is something which is very bad regarding children, because they try to do what their “heroes” do which results in them fighting each other. Records show that the violence level in the junior hockey gets higher the more experienced the kids become at the game. Regarding the “heroes” part, I myself remember when being young and watching WWE how at school we used to fight each other, but the thing is that what is on TV is completely different from what we were doing. Those guys know how to not get hurt and were are just children, which is very dangerous.
Parents are concerned about violence in video games, but realise that there is the same amount of violence in sports and it affects children similarly.



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