On the 26th Oct we had Leigh Clarke as a visiting artist to talk to us about his work. What was different about his presentation is that he started from the beginning of his artistic career, from the university years and then how his art has evolved to what it is now. What has had and still has a big role in his work is his MA in Printmaking from the Royal College. A big part of his work uses printmaking as a main component. Something he pointed out to us as beginner artists is that we should not think of art as a source of making money, because it loses its values from a sentimental point of view. The way he was making money in his early years is by doing stand up comedy, which he thinks has helped him throughout the years in one way or another. When he was talking about what he has been doing years ago as art the only thing me and a buddy of mine were asking ourselves was “how hasn’t he been arrested yet?”. We meant to ask him, but we couldn’t stay too long after the talk.
Overall very enjoyable presentation and very interesting work Leigh has created.


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