In the beginning of the summer I visited an exhibition of various artists practicing different genres of photography.

CameraZOOM-20150601144716674 CameraZOOM-20150601144745935 CameraZOOM-20150601144755586 CameraZOOM-20150601145050830 CameraZOOM-20150601145107768 CameraZOOM-20150601145352677 CameraZOOM-20150601145358947 CameraZOOM-20150601145425414 CameraZOOM-20150601145527803 CameraZOOM-20150601145643134 CameraZOOM-20150601145658371 CameraZOOM-20150601145717127

On the 11th and 12th September in my home town Plovdiv, Bulgaria, there was this event called “The Night of the Museum” where all museum and galleries are open until late at night and completely free.

Australian photography:
20150911_194023 20150911_194333 20150911_194515

Vladimir Dimitrov (The master):

20150911_200358 20150911_200443

On  the 13th September – National Gallery “Square 500” – Sofia

20150913_123716 20150913_123744 20150913_123950 20150913_124010 20150913_125306 20150913_125639 20150913_130133 20150913_130520 20150913_130654 20150913_130724 20150913_130823 20150913_131138 20150913_131808 20150913_132843 20150913_133055 20150913_133518


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